Bill O’Keefe
Senior Vice President Media Division

Bill is Senior Vice President & General Manager of the Media Division at Lumaxa. Bill leads the Lumaxa team responsible for our media campaigns. With over 30 years of experience in the direct response industry, his expertise is second to none. His talented team of editors and engineers provide pre and post-production services and distribution services for our direct response campaigns ads. His team is responsible for all Media Buys. Our business development depends on the services Bill’s team provides; therefore his mission is to provide the expertise, guidance and tools necessary to maximize our DR and Retail Opportunities in an efficient and profitable manner. William is responsible for providing the company´s media division with overall strategic direction, and leading the company in the areas of retail product sales, network, cable, print media and emerging medias.

Bill is a recognized industry leader and successful entrepreneur. William has been previously instrumental in building a media company which was responsible for producing several of the all-time largest grossing infomercials ever produced. William was an early pioneer in enabling the use of segmented infomercials with the Home Shopping Club. He was also involved in the infomercial business running his own studio in South Florida.